Collectable Vintage Pendleton Blanket

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Vintage Pendleton Blanket

Vintage Pendleton blanket – As a combination of very old blankets, Pendleton style has tremendous values. Starting from circa 1915 to 1940, you will find very amusing selections on the market today. Rare is the nice word to describe Pendleton blankets. Design, color, condition and age, they determine the price of Pendleton blankets.

Antique vintage Pendleton blanket are costly for such pieces of blankets. Starting from $225 to even $985, you will want the Pendleton blankets to have a great condition and surely authentic in quality. At sites such as, you can get some interesting offerings.

Collectable Pendleton blankets in vintage style have bold colors like any items in the same style. There are many options to stun you with their uniqueness and charm.

Personally, I love vintage Pendleton blanket in antique Harding Robe. It costs around $600 which has been retaining its Beaver State Copyright 1923 label. The classic Pendleton pattern is enduring until today. However, this piece of collectable Pendleton blanket is so rare. This may hard to obtain and collect. The pattern of Harding Robe shows Chasing Rainbow. I really am in love with the American Indian Trade & Camp theme.

How to tell the age of a Pendleton blanket is shown on the patterns. If you are interested in purchasing and collecting the Pendleton blankets, eBay will help.

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